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Judy Hall-Grieve was born in Brisbane, Australia and her work reflects her intense feeling for the Australian bush landscape and culture.

"The Yearlings"

The Yearlings
Top of the Range

Highly textured and redolent with light and colour, Judy's oil paintings often culminate from initial work on location and repeated building of layers over time in the studio to allow the image and theme to emerge.

"Top of the Range"

Her work is luminescent and post-impressionist with an evocative contemporary flair, whether the theme is abstract or figurative.

Judy shares her art studio and gallery with artist/sculptor/ceramicist husband Ian Grieve.

"Rhapsody in Red"
Mixed Media

Rhapsody in Red
Paper Lion

Also a skilled sculptress, Judy has fashioned a series of animals from papier mache and puppets for Australian puppeteers, Mana Puppets.

"Paper Lion"
Papier Mache

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