13 Perfectly Patriotic Party Ideas | Red White & Blue Themed Party Decorations / Food (2024)

by Tammy

It’s time to start planning all of your upcoming patriotic parties. Memorial Day , Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and this year we even get an extra patriotic party with Election night in November!

If you’re shopping for the best 4th of July deals and sales, find them all here.

Red, white and blue makes such a great party color scheme, and patriotic decorations are always so fun. Here are 13 super cute Patriotic Party Ideas from food to decor that will help you plan the perfect patriotic party in no time!

These red white and blue pinwheel cookies have been making their way around the web for years now, and I can’t get enough of them! Aren’t they cute? And, they are easier to make than you might think. Find the DIY here.

Add these free “As American as Apple Pie” printables to some hostess (or handmade) apple hand pies and guests will be impressed!


Red white and blue bandanas wrapped around silverware keep utensils neat and easy to grab, and looking cute too!

Looking to decorate your home for your patriotic party too? Here are some of my red, white and blue favorites for the home right now:

13 Perfectly Patriotic Party Ideas | Red White & Blue Themed Party Decorations / Food (4)

Red and Blue popsicle sticks and some sprinkles turn these mini ice cream sandwiches into themed party food in no time!


These fun watermelon and blueberry fruit kabobs look like edible fireworks.


love these cute (and super easy!) Patriotic brownie bites. No time to make these from scratch? Pick up pre-made brownie bites and fruit salad from the store and assemble in minutes!

This amazing colored layer cake with the letters USA inside might take a little more skill than I have, but if you are up for giving it a whirl, there is a great tutorial over here.

Whether your rice krispy treats are homemade or store bought, you can tun them into these fun red white and blue patriotic party rice krispy treats in no time with some and . Here are a few tips to make these treats even easier to make.

Here are a few super cute patriotic party supplies I rounded up for your party table:

13 Perfectly Patriotic Party Ideas | Red White & Blue Themed Party Decorations / Food (10)

This no fail wired ribbon patriotic banner can be made in minutes with just a few supplies. Find the DIY instructions here.


How cute and easy is this flag party platter? Yogurt covered pretzels and fresh fruit in the colors of the flag.

This layered drink will for sure be the show stopper of the party. You can make it in a large drink dispenser or in individual glasses like this one. You can get the how-to here.

Make hosting a BBQ a breeze with everything in easy grab and go pouches like these cute patriotic silverware holders. Use and .

These bushel baskets make the perfect way to serve bulky treats like popcorn and chips on your patriotic party table.

Feeling inspired to host your own patriotic party? Here are a couple of other cute party set-ups to help! I love all of .

Looking for more great patriotic party ideas? You can find several here in our Patriotic party gallery.

I hope you enjoy these red, white and blue patriotic party ideas! I would love to have you join me over on Facebook, Instagram andPinteresttoo where I love to share all kinds of fun things about design, travel, entertaining and food. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on anything!

Have a great day!


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13 Perfectly Patriotic Party Ideas | Red White & Blue Themed Party Decorations / Food (19)

13 Perfectly Patriotic Party Ideas | Red White & Blue Themed Party Decorations / Food (2024)
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