25 Traditional Greek Christmas Recipes (2024)

Since I love Greek recipes so much, I’ve pulled together a list of 25 Greek Christmas recipes the whole family can enjoy.

They might not be able to pronounce them, but they’ll certainly reach for seconds.

25 Traditional Greek Christmas Recipes (1)


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At first glance, this list of Greek Christmas recipes may seem a bit bread-heavy.

But you’ll find a good variety of meats, desserts, appetizers, and veggies, too.

So whatever Greek Christmas treats you’re looking for, you should be able to find something here to satisfy your craving.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my post on Greek Easter recipes! Because every holiday is better with a little Mediterranean flair.

1. Christopsomo

This traditional Greek sweet bread is as beautiful as it is tasty.

It takes a little over 3 hours to make, and you’ll need to be able to braid bread (which is actually quite simple) for the decorations.

It has a rich, warm, and nutty flavor, and it’s almost too pretty to eat. It looks like something you’ll see in a cartoon bakery in a Disney movie.

If you want something that practically screams “authentic Greek Christmas,” this is the recipe you’ll need.

2. Kourambiethes

Kourambiethes are soft, dry cookies with a delicate powdered sugar coating.

Luckily, you can make almost two dozen of them with just six ingredients in less than an hour.

I say “luckily” because people adore these sweet, mild cookies, and you can’t make too many of them.

Whether you make 20 or 200, you’re not likely to have many leftovers.

3. Melomakarona

These moist, chewy cookies are a gooey, sticky mess, but you won’t hear many people complaining about them.


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You’ll sweeten them with a homemade syrup made from honey, sugar, water, cinnamon, cloves, lemon juice, and a bit of lemon rind.

You’ll notice other flavors in them, as well, like orange, brandy, and walnuts.

In other words, you’ll pack a lot of complex flavors into one seemingly simple cookie.

4. Sweet Greek Christmas Bread

Here’s another gorgeous type of bread traditionally served around Christmas time.

It takes less than an hour to make and looks like a beautiful, blooming flower.

It’s also remarkably simple to prepare and uses only the most readily available ingredients: flour, yeast, milk, butter, sugar, salt, eggs, and sesame seeds.

Just remember that – like most bread recipes – it needs time for the dough to rise, so don’t wait until the last second to get it started.

5. Greek Figs in a Blanket

These fun little Mediterranean appetizers combine all kinds of flavors in a tiny package. They’re sweet, spicy, and tangy all in one.

They get their name because they look like pigs in a blanket.

However, instead of co*cktail wieners and crescent rolls, you’ll use dried figs and puff pastry dough.

You’ll also use feta cheese, goat cheese, and other ingredients with robust tastes, so prepare for a wallop of flavor in every bite.

6. Roasted Lamb Shanks

Lamb shanks are a delicious, affordable way to enjoy lamb for Christmas or any other time of year, and cooked this way, they’re outstanding.

They’re tender and juicy, and you’ll flavor them with garlic, cumin, and other herbs.

Plus, the marinade is unbelievably good. It’s a simple, four-ingredient marinade, but it’s exquisite.

And yes, if you try it and like it as much as I do, you can use it on other cuts of meat, as well. It certainly isn’t lamb-specific.

7. Greek Christmas Chestnut Soup

If you can’t roast your chestnuts over an open fire this Christmas, turn them into a creamy soup instead.

It has a mild, slightly herb taste and goes down smooth.

Serve it with a side salad or a chunk of bread for extra yumminess and a complete meal.

8. Braised Chestnuts and Shallots

If chestnut soup isn’t your thing, you can braise your Christmas chestnuts instead.

Cook them with caramelized shallots, garlic, tomatoes, and other flavorful ingredients for a saucy Christmas delicacy that no one will soon forget.

9. Feta and Leek Phyllo Bites

If you love thin, crispy phyllo dough, these will probably already sound appealing to you.

Once you fill them with tangy feta cheese, leeks, mint, and more, they’re even better.

It takes 45 minutes to make about a dozen of these, and they’re always a hit. Think of them like Hot Pockets, only so much better.

10. Greek Salad

This crisp, cool Greek salad is full of fresh veggies, feta cheese, and grilled chicken (if you like protein with your greens).

The tangy dressing, though, is what really sets it off.

You’ll make it with olive oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, basil, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper.

It’s a quick and easy lunch option that shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to pull together.

11. Spanakopita Dip

Spanakopita dip is a fancier version of traditional spinach dip, so if you’re already a fan of that, I’m sure you’ll love it.

It’s garlicky, cheesy, and delightfully gooey. You’ll also spice it up with various peppers, dill, and onions, so it certainly isn’t lacking for flavor.

12. Greek-Style Roast Pork With Honey Sauce

If you’re looking for a roasted recipe that’ll make your house smell as good as the meat tastes, you’ll have to try this Greek-style roast pork recipe.

It combines some truly tasty ingredients – orange juice, lemon juice, honey, mustard, garlic, thyme, rosemary, and more – to create something incredibly aromatic and savory.

The meat is so succulent that it practically falls apart in your mouth, and it takes only 10 minutes of preparation!

This is one main course that’s hard to beat any time of year.

13. Greek Honey Ouzo Roasted Turkey Thighs

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure this dish would do it for me when I first saw it. I mean, it isn’t one of the loveliest options on the list.

I probably wouldn’t have even tried it if someone else hadn’t made it for dinner, but I’m glad they did because this is a classic case of not judging a book by its cover (or a dish by its plating).

The sweet and tangy marinade for the turkey is out-of-this-world good, and the turkey itself is less dry than turkey sometimes can be.

And don’t even get me started on the figs. Yum! I can’t wait to make this again.

14. Chocolate Olive Oil Fruit Cake

It seems like every country and continent in the world has its version of Christmas fruit cake.

Greece is no exception, but its fruit cake is made with chocolate.

It’s nutty, chocolatey, and features the bold flavors of figs and raisins. In my opinion, it’s by far the superior fruit cake.

15. Xerotigana

Xerotigana is an everyday Greek treat. It’s basically just fried yeast dough. (Think of it like donut holes or funnel cakes.)

This recipe puts a new spin on it, though, by adding chocolate, ginger, and orange or lemon zest. Serve them with thyme honey for an extra special treat.

16. Traditional Greek Baklava

Baklava might be the only recipe on the list that most non-Greek people know. With its flaky layers and sticky honey-walnut filling, that’s no surprise.

Baklava is one of those foods that stretches beyond its home countries and delights people worldwide.

17. Vasilopita Cake

Also known as Greek New Year’s Cake, vasilopita cake is a simple, moist cake layer infused with citrusy flavors and aromas that everyone will love.

It’s also topped with a gorgeous vanilla glaze that makes it taste even better.

Some people choose to decorate their vasilopita cakes, while others leave just the glaze on top.

Either way, the cakes are lovely and always well-received.

18. Greek Diples

These sticky Greek desserts are covered in honey, cinnamon, walnuts, and more, and they taste – as the original recipe states – like “Christmas on a platter.”

And if you’ve heard about how hard they are to make, don’t worry, this recipe is an easier one that’s simple enough for beginning chefs to master.

19. Mosaiko

Mosaiko is the perfect Greek dessert for all the chocolate lovers in your life.

It looks great – almost like a dark chocolate yule log – and is unbelievably easy to make.

It uses fewer than ten ingredients and takes only 10 minutes, and best of all, there’s no cooking involved!

All it takes is some whisking, blending, pouring, mixing, and shaping.

If you’re looking for a dessert that tastes great and will impress a crowd (but doesn’t require you to do all that much work), mosaiko is the right option.

20. Greek Lemon Potatoes

These stunning golden potatoes are so crispy and crunchy that you’ll almost swear they were caramelized. They aren’t, but they’re phenomenal in every way.

They’ll have delightfully crispy outsides but remain soft and tender on the insides, and they’ll have a wonderful flavor that incorporates both lemon and garlic.

These will be a hit with any potato lover. In fact, they taste so good that they might be a hit with any potato hater, as well.

21. Kariokes

If you’re a fan of contrasting textures, you’ll enjoy kariokes.

They initially feel soft and fluffy, but the walnuts inside give them a wonderful crunch once you really bite down into them.

Put simply, they’re delicious and decadent, and you can easily make 50 of them in just half an hour.

So if you waited till the last minute to come up with something for that family gathering or class party, give these a shot.

22. Potato Gratin With Feta Cheese

This recipe for potato gratin is the real deal. It isn’t something that comes prepackaged in an easy-to-make all-in-one Betty Crocker kit.

Of course, that means these take a little more work than the prepackaged kind, but it also means they’re much more scrumptious.

That’s especially true once you top them with spring onions, feta and Parmesan cheeses, and bacon.

23. Greek Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in Lemon Sauce

These cabbage rolls may look a bit different from others you’ve seen in the past, but I assure you they’re just as good.

The cabbage has a nice crunch to it, and you’ll make the mince filling with rice, herbs, and more.

Top it off with a thick lemon sauce, and you’ll have the perfect dish for warming your belly on a cold winter night.

24. Tirokroketes

The closest comparison I can make for tirokroketes is that they’re like mozzarella sticks in a smaller, more circular form.

There isn’t any mozzarella in them, though. Instead, you’ll fill these with feta cheese, Gouda, and Parmesan.

Then, you’ll roll them in flour, seasonings, and bread crumbs and deep fry them.

When I tell you these things are some of the most fantastic cheese balls you’ll ever taste, I’m not exaggerating.

Whether you serve them with dipping sauce or not, you and your guests will love them.

25. Greek-Style Mulled Wine

Greek-style mulled wine smells as fantastic as it tastes, and compared to other mulled wine recipes, it’s pretty easy to make.

You’ll only need five ingredients: semi-sweet red wine, honey, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and an orange peel.

It takes about 15 minutes and is the ideal complement to all your other Greek Christmas dishes.

25 Traditional Greek Christmas Recipes (3)

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