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Natural Solutions
for Body, Mind, & Soul

What do you need help with to live your greatest life? Restful sleep? More energy? Better immunity? Mood support?

Essential oils can benefit every aspect of our wellbeing: body, mind, and soul.

Let me teach you the basics in my Essential Oils 101 class, now offered on-demand!

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Are you looking for safe, natural ways to support your family’s health outside of our current broken healthcare system?

Do you need help with those overwhelming emotions that come with daily life circ*mstances?

Would you love a natural solution to calm a spinning mind during your precious time of prayer and meditation?

Maybe it’s time you joined the millions of people already on an exciting wellness journey with our essential oils.

I truly believe these little drops taken directly from nature are God’s gifts to us. There are even multiple references to these natural wonders in the Bible.

Why should you choose me to help you and your family begin this incredible adventure filled with possibilities?

I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified Essential Oil Coach, and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate with a passion for natural healing. But more important than any title or certification, I’m a wife, mom, and gigi who uses these natural solutions in my home every day.

Essential oils have served me in so many ways, from mood management to allergy symptom relief. They have become an irreplaceable asset for my entire family.

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The Essential Oils 101 class is a perfect way to learn all the basics to help you and your family take the first step toward a new healthier lifestyle. I keep the class short, around 20 minutes, for those of us who like our education focused on the most important tips without a lot of unnecessary information taking up our limited time.

What You Will Learn

  • Modern vs. Natural approaches to healthcare
  • How essential oils work
  • Choosing the highest quality essential oils
  • 3 ways to use essential oils
  • Identify your top health priorities
  • The 10 must-have oils for your home
  • How to get started today!

Please know this is only an introduction. I will serve you with my knowledge and years of experience wherever you are in your natural health journey. It can be overwhelming to understand which essential oils are best for you and your family’s specific needs.

I’m here to help you and we have an entire team dedicated to educating you through private Facebook groups and more! For a limited time, while supplies last, you’ll also get 7 FREE educational cheat sheets and a Modern Essentials booklet for joining my team of wholesale customers or wellness advocates with a purchase of any starter kit. (No monthly orders required!)

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These wonderful cheat sheets, filled with tips and recipes, cover a variety of topics to help you and your family get rolling with essential oils: Babies, Kids, Dogs & Cats, Skincare, Mood Management, Reflexology, and Bath Bombs!

Find 20 free minutes today and watch this valuable class. It’s the easiest way to educate yourself on these incredible natural solutions all from the privacy of your own home cozied up on the couch.

We’ll cover how essential oils work, ways to start using them today, benefits and uses for many of our most popular oils, and so much more! I’ll also help you identify some of your biggest health concerns so we can work on breaking free from those first.

If you already know the basics and are ready to jump into this natural lifestyle, you can get started here. You will see all the special gifts I offer there as well.

For a personalized consultation or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time. I would love to latch arms and come alongside you on this beautiful journey.

Don’t miss out on all the possibilities essential oils could bring to your home and family. I’m so incredibly thankful for the wonderful friend who brought them into my life all those years ago. Let me be that friend for you…

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Here’s a little bonus for you! Emotional support is my favorite application for Essential Oils. Enjoy one of these wonderful diffuser recipes the next time you need extra help in this area:

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Essential Oils | Candace Playforth (2024)
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