Slap Battles Recall Glove Quiz Answers (Temple Quiz) (2024)

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Anton Facklam

Gaming-May 17th 2024, 16:30 GMT+2

This guide offers answers to the Slap Battle Recall Glove quiz, available through the NPC at the Temple.

Slap Battles Recall Glove Quiz Answers (Temple Quiz) (1)

Slap Battles is a hit Roblox game where the goal is pretty straightforward: slap your opponents with various gloves that come with unique abilities until they're defeated. It's all in good fun, and definitely not part of the new "mature experiences" Roblox has introduced.In your quest to become a slap master, one of the coolest gloves you can get your hands on are the Recall Gloves. These aren't just any gloves—they come with special abilities that can really turn the tide in a battle. But here's the twist: to unlock them, you need to pass a quiz.

This quiz is found at the Temple, where you'll interact with a specific NPC who tests your knowledge. Get the answers right, and you’ll earn the right to wield these powerful gloves. So, brush up on your game strategies and get ready to ace that quiz!

To ensure your success in the Slap Battles temple quiz and secure the Recall Gloves, we have prepared a helpful guide with all the answers you need. Let's get you those gloves!

Presented below are the various questions featured in the Slap Battles Recall Glove quiz, along with their corresponding answers:

  • Question: How old is your account in days?
    • Answer: You can get the answer from the About section of your Roblox account.
  • Question: What is the chance of getting bob from replica?
    • Answer: 1/7500
  • Question: What glove can’t you hit when it isn’t there?
    • Answer: Elude
  • Question: Did you forget that you repressed your memories?
    • Answer: Yes
  • Question: What glove has exactly 9750 slap requirements to unlock?
    • Answer: Coil
  • Question: How many players were present in this server when you were sent here?
    • Answer: You can get the answer from the in-game leaderboards by manually counting the players on the server.
  • Question: How many slaps do you have?
    • Answer: Once again, you can get the exact numbers from the leaderboards.
Slap Battles Recall Glove Quiz Answers (Temple Quiz) (2)
  • Question: If 1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, what does 6=?
    • Answer: 3
  • Question: When was Slap Battles first published to Roblox?
    • Answer: 16/2/2021
  • Question: Whom ultimately controls this realm?
    • Answer: Tencell
  • Question: How many gloves stands are in Slap Battles right now?
    • Answer: 110
  • Question: What is the badge name for the Glitch glove?
    • Answer: 01010010 01010101 01001110
  • Question: Do you know who I am?
    • Answer: A forgotten memory
  • Question: We’ll play Simon says at the end. Do you understand?
    • Answer: Yes
  • Question: What color is your name in the Roblox chat?
    • Answer: You can get the answer by typing anything in the chat and noting the color.
  • Task: Simon Says Riddle me this and speak it out. What was four fingers and a thumb but isn’t alive?
    • How to complete: Enter "Glove" in the chat field.
  • Task: Simon Says Riddle me this and speak it out. What has a bottom at the top?
    • How to complete: Enter "A leg" in the chat field.
  • Task: Simon Says jump off the map to collect your reward
    • How to complete: If the text has "Simon Says" in it, then jump off the map.
  • Task: Simons Says if the reward is what you seek, you must dance on top of the LEFT OR RIGHT staircase crystal
    • How to complete: Go to the respective location and enter "/e dance" in the chat field to complete the task.
  • Task: Simon Says if the reward is what you seek, you must dance on top of the entity
    • How to complete: To complete this, you can stand on the crystal above the lookalike NPC and enter "/e dance" in the chat field.

These were our Slap Battles Recall Glove Quiz Answers. Hopefully, this article is helpful for you!

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Slap Battles Recall Glove Quiz Answers (Temple Quiz) (3)

Anton Facklam

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Slap Battles Recall Glove Quiz Answers (Temple Quiz) (2024)


What are the answers to get the recall glove? ›

He will ask them a few questions, the answers to which can be found below:
  • The answer to the first question is the number of days since the moment of joining Roblox. ...
  • The next answer is 1/7500.
  • The next answer is 3.
  • The next answer is 16/2/2021.
  • The next answer is Tencell.
Apr 24, 2023

What are the answers for the questions in slap battles? ›

What glove costs 9750 slaps?Coil
What is the chance of getting bob from Replica?1/7500
How many gloves stands are in Slap Battles right now?174 (Last Updated: May 31, 2024)
What is the badge name for the Glitch glove?01010010 01010101 01001110
14 more rows

How many gloves are in slap battles for recall? ›

There are currently 172 glove stands in the game. In Fortnite Slap Battles, there are currently 11 gloves, 10 being slap costing and 1 being a special glove.

What is the badge name for a glitch glove? ›

Glitch is a badge glove added on November 25, 2022, and is obtained through the 01010010 01010101 01001110 badge, which translates to “RUN” in binary.

What glove unlocks at 9750 slaps? ›

What Glove costs 9750 Slaps? The Coil Glove can be unlocked with 9750 Slaps.

How do you get glove error? ›

It is hidden behind a golden Moai statue in the lobby, located in the corner in between the Normal Arena and Slap Royale portals. Upon equipping it for the first time, the player will be given the Error glove badge and the Link glove respectively.

What does God's hand do in slap battles? ›

If anyone is slapped by Reaper and a God's Hand uses the time stop ability, their screen color will be inverted. The glove's ability is a reference to The World/Star Platinum's The World ability from the manga/anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The sound effect for stopping time is directly taken from The World, see here.

What is the rarest thing in slap battles? ›

The Rarity of Bob in Slap Battles

Being an exclusive item, Bob is much sought-after. Players covet it not only for its rarity but also for the advantages it brings into the arena. So, yes, Bob is indeed quite rare, making it a prized possession among players.

Can you lose slaps in slap battles? ›

Ability from some gloves like Slicer have their ability counting as a slap in the script and will cause it to not affect Golden, buddies, or Blocked. Dying in The Null Zone is the only way to normally lose slaps. Slap farming will cause you to get slap reset. Doing it a second time will make you get a Permanent Ban.

What happened to the Obama glove in slap battles? ›

Roblox updated their policies, and said they didn't want anything political on Roblox. Since Obama was obviously a very politics-inspired glove, it had to be removed.

Is overkill the best glove in slap battles? ›

This is possibly the most hated glove in the entire game due to it being a one-shot that is locked behind a paywall. It's not recommended to use first person with this glove equipped on lower end or low memory devices, as the particles can cause the user's end to lag and/or crash altogether.

What is the name of the 1000 visits badge in Roblox? ›

Bricksmith Badge

Once your place has been visited 1000 times, you will receive this award. Robloxians with Bricksmith badges are accomplished builders who were able to create a place that people wanted to explore a thousand times.

How to get the 🗿 badge slap battles? ›

Obtainment. To obtain 🗿, players have to step on one of their own bear traps spawned from the Trap glove.

What are the chances of getting the slapple glove? ›

Slapple: 1% chance to spawn every minute. Glitch: 15% chance to spawn any orb and then hit it with error. Snowball: 0.5% chance to get from a Mitten present.

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