The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee (2024)

TrandirtJ, Wharf they wTJ! Trr and "separatel" from to amy Is THI NASHVILLf TENNESSEAN, SmAry Memliif, Octets 21. 1945 ttSSNA Naval Officer in Washinghn, D. C. ED BRTTTAIN, who got In Tues until Buddy receives ma aie charge yiWIMVlM U.GUI. HI Uit I day after more than a year in the ETO friends fathered at haystack, and the important piece1 of paper waa found! MARY and SAM BOYER'S house on Carden last night for a wel Deciding this waa trouble enourh.

I Whenr witches and. goblins and black cats are seen. You'd better watch out causa it's Halloween I Love, DOT. after the reception at the.Coilel come home party Off to Lex home on Xstes Avenue, tha whole! ington. this week end were ELLEN HOFSTEAD, WILLIE D.

weaaing party adjourned to the Hermitage Hotel, and even re JOHNSON hd MARGARET BACON, for the instantiation of the frained from pranks when at 2 m. tha bride and groom left for new Theta chapter at tha univer Now Orleans. We'd advise keeping sity of Kentucky Also on hand a cloie watch on JANS LAW were MRS. W. HIGBIE, JR.

RENCE and GLORIA GAMBILL. bacauie the bride's bouauet went president of the Grand Council of tne sorority, ana delegates rrom an -mmafc straight to both of them. other Theta chapters In this dis trict, of which Ellen serves as pres ident When LT. BUDDY NOVEMBER will really be Thanksgiving time at the homa of tha MARION WEBBS BAUGH of the Marina Corps docked In New Orleans October I. croft on HUlsboro Road! Tha house will 6, after months and months of oversea service, he practically made a bee-line for Lexington, be bunting at tha earns when the men In the family return from tha armed forces.

to sea his beloved, the petite bru DEAR, BECKY: oy luck. KuoumKa ana oscak nette BETTY ANNS AMOS 'First on the list is the head of the HAMMERSTEIN, JR. who were Betty Anne waa in her senior TOP event of the week In- the theatrical and musical worlds bouse, LT. COU MARION WEBB among the wedding guests. year at the University of Ken Helping to make the wedding tu the surnrlse marrlasra In tufcky there, but last Sunday they occasion a completely happy one HERE tlOW The.

New 1946 MODEL holtoii kendle music go. 205-207 IICHTH K. 5-4975 1 ol the United States Army Engineers, who is now in Yokohama. He writes tha grand news that be is third on the list to come homa and decided that college could wait New York City on Friday of lovely CHRISTINE JOHNSON to WAL were EMMELINE KINNEBREW, who came over from Philadelphia awhile, and they would get mar TER SFOLAR, the concert violin- ried Saturday Which they did, expects to ship about mid-November The wedding- a tthe Waldorf was followed by a reception at the after twenty-eight months' foreign at a lovely home ceremony at beautiful old Tarrylong, the country home of Betty Anne's parents, MR. service.

for the event, and BOBBY TUCKER, who flew all the way from the West Coast just to sea his friend Chris become Mrs. Spolar. Joining with all those who were on hand for the nuptials In wishing; tha Park Avenue apartment of WILLIAM HAWKINS. Chrla and Wal and MRS. JOHN AMOS, on the Nashville road near Franklin.

In ter, are taking a abort honeymoon A son, CPU HANK WEBB landed recently in San Diego and is due in soon after two years in tha Pa 1, a cloud of they departed aft thia week end In tha Berkshlres, where, rumor haa It, they became newlyweds the best of everything cific i er the noon ceremony for San are Chris' friends here In Nash ugag.o. Chris, aa you doubtleu know, has Another son, ENSIGN SONNY WEBB of the United States Navy. ville, and they are legion. la now on the U. S.

S. MISSOURI in New York harbor and also hopes to wedding of MIRIAM COILE I and LT. "BUBBER" HUTTON (Jain-Sloan Co: gel home right away. one of the leads In the Theater Guild's smash hit musical, "Carou- eel," and it was her rich contralto voice and fine acting- that made the number, "June Is Bustln' Out All Over" the tremendous success that it is. In fact.

'Us said that the Daughter PEGGY WEBB DICK EY and her husband, Lt (J.g.) RAY nursaay mgnt ai ine jnrsi Presbyterian Church was a lovely, stately ceremony, with the pretty bride in a white satin gown paneled in heirloom lace, and her attend Fifth Avenue at Church Street DICKEY, United States Naval Air Corps, will arrive soon and ha wiH spend his terminal leave here. sons; was written especially for her ants in white bengaline, carrying COL. CAMPBELL BROWN and big bouquets of maroon chryitn-J tnemums. A Things really went off smoothly, his wife, MARY, Mrs. Webb's sister, will be here early thia week from Charlottesville, and will be at tha Webb borne until they HOTEL EIEEIT.IITIGE and much in contrast to all the excitement at the WILSON CQILES' that afternoon.

The laat of the wed move to tneir farm on wuson puce. Mrs. Webb's niece, MARTHA AL ding presents were being put on display when the bridegroom-to-be LEN, and her husband, CAPT arrived to announce that he could BILL ALLEN win get here next Saturday from Philadelphia for his terminal leave. In case you've lost count, there are six men In this one i lovily Jean Sardoi portrait of yoi is the gift he'd choost this if te 3 1, Vn ii M- i ii family coming homa from the war at one time and better news Just can't imagined. fTWO of the nicest partiea of tha 1 1 Week were teas for two brides of the past year whom can now claim! CAROLINE Have it taken new and lave up to 30X1 (MRS.

EDMUND COLE) WEAVER and BETTY (MRS. MAC) DICKINSON. ELEANOR RITCHIE PLAXICO Lt Jean Young, United State Naval Reserve, daughter of Major and Mrs. Russell A. Young of Nashville, recently became tha bride of Lt Robert Relnhold Weiterehsusen, United States Naval Reserve, et a ceremony at the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church In Washington, D.

The bride Is a grsduste of Vinderbllt Unlvereity. The couple Is at heme In Washington. beautiful pertrairt only J5W entertained for both on Monday at Centennial Club. MRS. JOHN CHEEK and MRS.

O. C. PLAXICO litert in receiving, and -among CHARLIE MIT CHE. Lis among thoie glimpsed around the tea table visit her aunt and uncle, tha FRED CASONS, and will fly to New York dosens of others. first of the year after almost two years In the ETO Suzanne will leave November 12 for Miami to were GRAY MOORE OLIVER in a anappy black satin number and when he arrives Already home 3 (5x7) Tapettry portrait plv mlnlahire Is gift" folder Cefllnf Mce $.00 IAN SARDOU STUDIOTHIRD KOOR MARGARET HAYES' party for EMILY MURRAY BINNING and her sister, ELIZABETH 80 REN- her cuts visitor, EMILY THAYER, SON, of Albuquerque, N.

was from Erie, Pa. AYOUR 4 FLOWER V- YOUR FLOWER gala, with many other attractive visitors, including MR. and MRS. D. K.

JELKS. of Jacksonville. HARRIET ORR waa hostess Wednesday at Belle Meada Club at a tea for Betty Dickinson. MAR 1 fh A. a.

a ana I tllAllsl hrnther-ln-law end aiater and srueats of MARGARET BLAIR; and DOT-TIE NEWMAN and NADINE I'ur most priceless 5-1 1 18.: GARET THOMPSON SMITH and ANN DICKINSON GAYDEN presided at the table. Seen nearby were MARY POPE CRICHTON lovely in black, and ELIZABETH FELDMAN of Evansvllle, Ind. with their hosts, BERNIE and CAPT. BOB STEMPFEL Looking Cain-Sloan Co. possession is our reputation.

Urery anappy at the same party was OVERTON CAVERT, looking like an autumn leaf In a brown suit with ELOISE BLACK, who wltb her It is a part of every touches of gold. mm mm Fifth Avenue el Church Street order we filU Thursday evening, tha Metro 0 politan Opera Guild entertain ed at a beautifully appointed husband, GRADY, baa joined the great army of houae-or-apartment-hunters. SPOTLIGHT: Orchids to PATSY PROCTOR who was recently elected by tbe provisional members of the Junior League to serve as their chairman Posies to LOUISE CHEAXRS ROSE, OM "buffet supper at Centennial Club. jjjl (Ml as you pledge your love for ever PIJ and ever, so too, mutt "her" rl Center of attention was tha glamor WEST END ous, dark-haired blue-eyed soprano, personalize your gifts DORIS MARINELLL Some of the ARRISON'' others of the cast were delayed in AT 21 it 1 FIT AMOTVn I daughter of ALBERT and beautiful MARY ROSE The baby was Memphis and didn't get here until Friday. FLOWERS born Monday at Vanderbllt Hospi iiM kit tal Newest farm owners are Villi First In the receiving line were ANNE MAE KENNEDY, president kinsi forth in nndiminiirittfl Keiautv tar fl life tlllv lit HATTA and BILL TYNE, who are of the Guild, and MRS.

JIM iFtil 7 i. now the proud possessors of 120 NANCE McCORD. Tha decora acres on the Beechville Road in I I me. A jcnt.ii ana J. ok cxpeniy Nieciea IIIIVJII tions, of roses and chrysanthe I PI II diamond is a thing of beeuty and joy forever II In III Williamson County oft HUlsboro You'll find wsrm reception for your lifts when they're perionalized with name or monofrsmi.

Mike your Chriitmss shopping lilt right swsy snd place your order now so that you'll be sure of letting them in time for lifts. Mail orders filled. mums, were unusually lovely, and I Jill .1 IIIHII Road Tha house on their farm the food was something that the is part log. and part clapboard, LOVELIER ROOMS men of the party praised to the and the log portion is over 100 years Bf'llll Vtt ear xtrt txuHntt in ititiut iUmonit. Wi skies.

old Gorgeous trees are around llf.llll IM The supper waa preceded by it and hills are In the background of. the Harpeth Valley in which lt IGfi III eo(ane Jtr cesiairanes. 111 I smaller lathering at the home of are made with lies Hatta and Bill don't ex MAC and DR CARL CRUTCH-) FIELD, which waa also notable for pect to move in until next summer, since a lot of remodeling will have lovely decorations and delect- WF3 je we le i jl On Statu Avenue W- refreshments. to be done suzanne; uib-SON AIRD was a mighty thrilled The Ryman waa completely filled Living Pictures girl last Wednesday night when ol the operaIJTtidayi.nigbtand -wvsLrm urn. i herTiusbandr LT.

BOB AIRD, JR comments of the audience showed how delighted everyone was with New chints bordered -party nspkim with asms or monorm, picked in lift boxes. 100. ..150 the presentation. called her from Rome for three precious minutes of conversation He told her the glad news that he Is coming home after the At a sma.ll gathering alter we opera at the apartment 01 un ROBERT MOORE at the Maxwell House, MONA BRADFORD, one of the stars of the cast, sang and sang! At her own request, sne was accompanied by suiLX juixju- Cain-Sioan Co. BREW.

Bordered hoit.u sets, corobiDstion box of 50 napkins and coast' srs, personslized with nsms or monorsm. 1.9S TIE final El Chlco party, the definition of whloh is a merry, Fifth Avenue at Church Stmt merry musical time, and the series of which has become tradi tional at Ktngsley, the ante-bellum home of MRS. WEAVER HARRIS on Murfreesboro Road, waa held during the put week at the Jolly Roger, the cabin behind the house. You know Mrs. Harris and ruuuk Two decks of old tsmped monolrsm.

med pliyinl eerdt in lestheretu satin lined jeweled ift box, in -red, blue, reen or brown with two or three-letter mono- rem. complete 250 and DESSA SMITH are moving to the Smiths' new house just off the 1 Murfreesboro Road, in the same neighborhood, shortly, and will take the most of the Jolly Roger with them, to be installed on their new place. Among the guest company at the finale were FRANCES and HUNTER LEFTWICH. GRACE CARPENTER. JIM BLAKEMORE, CARO WOOLWINE, JEAN BOD- FISH, the MORTON HOWELLS, LT.

(Jg) CARLYLE POTTER, GLENN LINER, DONALD PHIL VTsiir PUt Frtmti in choiet ear tlylt frames $27.30 Fieita mortirient of SO Monoking mitchei with name or monofnm picked in eleaf ice- tite ift eontsiners. US 1.00 to 2.75 IPS. Chief Petty Officer, United States Naval Reserve, and MR. October Bride mkem lt' Helcne Curtis 1 YOUR ROOM comes alive when you lee, in the clean ahining depth of a Period Mirror, the swift-moving, color ful, Living Pictures of your own home. rThetirrotsheziearfcfbezrootrfc: tying it together, reflecting the light' Stationery Counter, Csin-Sloso' -Msin Floor Finger-Wave Cold Marc deepening and broadening vistas you had hardly noticed before Here is the most versatile of permanents PERIOD MIRRORS have built-in qual.

iry that insures lasting satisfaction. They are available in more than fifty styles in almost, any wanted size and aret priced from $6.95 to $119.50. a strong foundation of lasting beauty for any number of flattering hair styles. The, Helene Curtis Finger-Wave Cold Wave is the permanent without heat. without clamps, without pulling.

Here is a totally new 1 Hqurt: 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Daily experience in comfort and lasting beauty i i ii 4, Finger-Wac Cold Wave 15.00 up OH UHli PERIOD Prior to her marriage en Oe iober 17 In the parlor of First Styled Haircut, 1.00' "Distinctive-Fnrnituri Presbyterian Chun Mrs. George Frederick Karner wss Miea Knight, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Hewsrd Knight 'Mr. and Mrs. Kerner are te make IIAUTY 1A10M, CAIN-SLOAN'S THIRD fLOOk Phone 7-1508 Neshville 5, Ttnn. 1411 Wert End Avenue their homa In Battle Creek, Mich. I.

The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee (2024)
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