Fried Zucchini Recipe (2024)

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Lorri M.

I added Parmesan cheese to the bread crumbs and seasoned the flour with a bit of cayenne, basil, and oregano for some added zip. Plain zucchini can be kind of bland. This jazzes things up a bit.


Fantastic recipe! The secret to getting the crunchy, crispy texture is in refrigerating the breaded zucchini. I left mine for an hour and then fried as suggested although 2 minutes on each side is enough. A squeeze of lemon is all that's needed.


Read Step 4. The oven is used to keep the fried zucchini sticks warm while you're finishing the rest. Two pounds of zukes will generate way more pieces than you can properly fry in one batch. Actually it will be more like 3 or 4 batches.
If you crowd too many pieces into the oil at once the temperature will drop and all the pieces will become soggy and greasy. Follow the instructions exactly and you will get crisp, non-greasy excellent fried zucchini sticks.


Folks, do NOT allow your fried foods to sit on a paper towel. Use a wire rack to let the oil drain away.


I took a cooking class in Italy and we made these, but first tossed the zucchini sticks in mustard before breading them. It gave them a new dimension of flavor.


I added grated Parmesan to the bread crumbs, and made a horseradish sauce in which to dip the zucchini---Bookbinders' horseradish sauce mixed with whole-milk greek yogurt and freshly ground black pepper.


so crisp and light farmers market zucchini cut into strips works great make sure you refrigerate for at least an hour


I used to fry zucchini all the time for my family; it was a great hit AND the only way I could get them to eat zucchini. My method was to use buttermilk instead of the eggs and cracker meal instead of bread crumbs, then serve it with a light mayo/horseradish sauce for dipping. Great idea with this recipe, though, is the refrigeration while waiting to fry -- can't wait to try it!


I add 1/3 cup of grated Parmesan cheese to the breadcrumbs and cut back on the salt. The cheese gives the zucchini a little zip and adds to the crispiness.


Mark Bittman - help, please! Years ago I had the best dish and the only one I haven't been able to figure out on my own. Eggplant french fries were prepared by a Moroccan or Northern African chef at a popular lunch place. The fried were cut lengthwise and a little wider than a typical french fry. They were coated in a spice mix and had a thin crust, very crispy and were served with an optional bowl of marinara sauce. Thanks!

Chris Bonanni

Very naughty and very quick! Zucchini chips - cut zucchini into chip length. Easy tempura type batter - sparkling water, salt, plain flour. Heat sunflower/rapeseed oil, dip chips in batter one at a time and keep dropping them into oil. A few minutes, crispy and lightly golden. Drain on paper, springle with dried paprika if liked. Delicious


That's one of my favorites right there. Great with co*cktail sauce (believe it or not)


My grandmother made something like this using eggplant from my grandfather's garden. Delicious, even for me as a kid. He ate the sticks sprinkle with sugar! No idea where that tradition came from.


When I was growing up, my family and I used to go to a restaurant called Hamburger Hamlet (anyone who was in D.C. in the 70s & 80s knows it). They had an appetizer called “Zucchini Zircles,” which was circles of zucchini, fried till crisp and golden, served with a spicy apricot dipping sauce. I recreated that sauce here (melted apricot jam, red pepper flakes, and ground black pepper) and it was just as yummy as I remember.


Has anyone tried in an air fryer? Point taken about health fats but oh, the calories….


While I cannot say that my fried zucchini ended up looking like the NYT Cooking photo, I can say that it tasted absolutely fabulously delicious! Great recipe to satisfy a fried zucchini craving.


I made this for a Mother's day appetizer.. Everybody raved about it! It was so Crunchy. My Mother-in-law said it tasted like it was restaurant quality. I think the use of the flour 1st, and then refrigerating them made the difference.

Claire Gunter

I made this exactly as written and it didn't have much flavor. I told my husband it wasn't worth it and that even Olive Garden was better. He couldn't believe I roasted myself like that, but I was just following orders. I do think the advice about chilling before frying was good, though, and I appreciated that. You love, you learn.


I use panko breadcrumbs. I sprinkle with sea salt, grated Parmesan, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice right after they’re done frying. Perfection!

Roz Kavander

I added Parmesan and I baked mine in the air fryer. Everyone loved them so much they asked if I could make a second batch.

Lute chute

After breading cook in 400 degree oven eliminates deep fry


I also used panko and added that fake Parmesan cheese that comes in a green can. I seasoned it all with garlic powder, Italian seasonings, salt, pepper and a touch of smoked pimenton. Will have to try the mustard suggestion next time!


I’m so glad we no longer have to fear healthy fats. Alas, the prescribed oils mentioned here are on the ‘no’ list as far as I can tell. And a lot of heathy fats - olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil all present problems. Many have low smoke-points and aren’t suitable for frying. Sadness. Mark Bittman, any suggestions?

Kevin C.

Smoke point of delicious avocado oil = 520* fahrenheit. But it's a bit spendy to fill even a 'Fry Baby' with it. Worth it!


Made with a dipping Romesco sauce, which kicked up the blandness.


Has anyone tried airfrying these?

Kevin C.

I have yet to not be disappointed when trying to cheat and be healthy with an air fryer. It's not the same dish. The only time I ever said "meh"to fried ravioli was when it came from an air fryer.


I added spices and seasoning to the flour.


I tossed the strips of zucchini into a plastic bag with the flour to quicken that step, but I found that it made the sticks too floury, the egg had some trouble sticking, and the coating was a bit thick. But they still tasted delicious! (I will decrease the amt of flour next time.) I heated my oil to about 375 because the temp drops so much after adding chilled sticks. Definitely cool on wire rack and also sprinkle with salt while hot. Good recipe!


I put seasonings in the egg wash.

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Fried Zucchini Recipe (2024)
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